Neil saves Toms pigs and demands the money Tom owes him; Kenton, Kathy and Nigel plan a pirate anniversary party

Radio Times: Neil’s tough with Tom.

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  • A gloomy start to the day in the Carter house (as usual!). Neil is bemoaning Emma’s association with anything “Grundy”, and whats more, Tom still hasn’t paid him what he’s owed for seeing to the pigs for the last fortnight. As if on cue, Tom comes round to ask Neil whether he can do the pigs today, as he has an important marketing visit to make in Staffordshire. However, Neil gives a very firm ‘No’ much to Tom’s disbelief, but to Susan’s admiration.
  • Plans for Nigel and Elizabeths anniversary are being hatched by Nigel, Kathy and Kenton. They eventually decide upon a pirate party, and plan to use the lake, and rafts, and generally to have a thoroughly wild time. Kenton and Nigel crack open a bottle of red to celebrate their inspired idea. Kathy heads home, with the promise of Kenton joining her later.
  • Despite his hard words, Neil, with Susan, calls in to check on Tom’s pigs. Tom hasn’t checked the drinkers – which are dry – and the pigs are without water, some of them in a very bad way. Neil manages to sort them out, and when Tom arrives humbly grateful to Neil, Neil has a real go at him. The money issue is raised and Neil demands that he is paid right now. After a bit of soothing intervention from Susan (makes a change!) Neil agrees to Tom paying him in the morning – before 10 am!
  • Kenton is over at Kathy’s house whining about the fact that no-one has any confidence in his internet café idea. He flatters her about her creativity, and asks for ideas for the menu for his planned venture. He also uses the opportunity to try to squeeze money out of her to get him started. Fortunately (for Kathy) she has none to invest, otherwise, with the way she feels about Kenton, she would probably lose the lot!!

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