Joe and David celebrate their birthdays, both in the Bull, though David ends up buying the drinks – of course!

Radio Times: It’s David’s round.

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  • At Brookfield, David and Ruth are all set to go to Stoneleigh for an agricultural show by way of celebrating David’s birthday. Once they go, Bert persuades Chaba to down tools and go into the house to drink tea and eat cakes.
  • Joe is celebrating his birthday today as well. Emma calls round to give him some tobacco. Whilst she’s there, Clarrie invites her for tea this evening followed by a trip to the Bull for a few pints after.
  • The Stoneleigh expedition is a great success. David has his eye on a new cattle crush, much to Ruth’s amusement – to do with his objects of desire being farm machinery rather than male-stereotypical sports cars. Jill also has a birthday coming up (must be the season for it!) and Ruth is planning to hold the do at Brookfield rather than go with Shula’s expensive suggestion of going to Grey Gables. Later on, back at the ranch, Chaba, enthused by the idea of Ruth cooking for Jill’s birthday promises to get hold of his ancient family goulash recipe.
  • At the Bull, the Grundys and the Archers are both present for their respective birthday bashes. Eddie manages to ‘persuade’ David to buy a round of drinks, though David is reasonably good natured about it. Neil, on the other hand, – who witnesses the great drinks scam – is outraged that his daughter would be associating with such a low-life family as the Grundys!

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