Families! Both Ed and Kenton have theirs on their backs.

Radio Times: Marjorie is broken-hearted.

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  • Jill is preparing her entries for the Flower & Produce Show but still has had time to check the e-mail. There is nothing from Mel; it’s been three weeks now but Jill does not like to write again. When is Kenton going to get a regular job to support Meriel? Perhaps Phil should have another word, even though he is convinced it will do no good. Nigel and Kenton arrive to ask a big favour of the babysitting kind; if they can take care of David and Ruth’s “brats” (Kenton’s word, Nigel wouldn’t have said such a thing) they can plan the secret party. Jill contrives to take Nigel off to see Marjorie, leaving Kenton to his father’s tender mercy.
  • Emma had a row with Will last night but he rang to apologise; he wants nothing to do with Ed’s party in Oliver’s barn. Emma is tired of people having a go at Ed. Kathy understands; she has a similar example of brotherly love between David and Kenton. It’s not fair, Kenton is so much fun.
  • Phil’s “word” with Kenton does not go down too well. All his siblings are allowed to be enterprising and self-employed but he is expected to have a regular job. He will support Meriel when he can. He left the marriage with nothing. He has ideas and, even though Phil is plainly not willing to invest in one of them, he will keep working on them.
  • Jill and Nigel find Marjorie in a state of shock in the garden where Bettina had died peacefully in her sleep. Jill will ask Phil and Bert to bury her beside Porsche before Roy and family come home.
  • When Nigel and Kenton return to Lower Loxley, neither is in a mood to discuss a party, for that had been their plan. Kathy probes the cause of Kenton’s mood and assures him that she has faith in him. (Don’t back your faith with money, Kathy!)
  • Bettina is laid to rest and Marjorie feels she has lost her last true friend. Of course she has lots of friends in Ambridge but it is not the same.

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