Oliver offers the use of his barn to Ed for an 18th birthday party.

Radio Times: Oliver makes Ed an offer.

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  • Ed is helping Oliver clear up after the barbecue, which raised £600 and recruited a few more participants for the march. Ed is a bit down about his forthcoming birthday; there is no cash in the Grundy household for presents or parties. Oliver cannot allow the occasion of Ed’s 18th birthday to pass unmarked; would Ed like to hold a party in the barn? Nothing too wild, mind you; Oliver does not want a repeat of the Jazzer episode at the Bull. He will talk to Caroline about some food (mainly to counter the effect of alcohol), maybe Ed’s mum will help too.
  • Jennifer is getting ready to go out to a charity do but Brian pleads tiredness: he has had a pig of a day. Jennifer looks gorgeous and should go and enjoy the party anyway. Perhaps if he is so tired he should skip the meeting on Friday. Oh no, that is set in stone! He is not too tired to ring Siobhán as soon as Jenny has gone but this time he is thwarted: she is still at work on an urgent assignment. What bad luck! He will ring again about arrangements for the weekend. They will go by train but the hotel is a surprise; after dinner and an early night they will go shopping for cot, pram etc., much to Siobhán’s delight.
  • Oliver and Caroline are attending their first Italian class and he is a little too keen to please the attractive tutor. Much teasing ensues. Caroline is surprisingly compliant about being volunteered to provide food for Ed’s party, considering that her initial reaction was to question the wisdom of offering the barn. However, she reveals that she had not been at all compliant when Kenton approached her to back his Cyber Café venture; nor had Oliver.
  • Jenny returns home to find her darling, tired husband asleep with a lovely smile on his face; he must have been dreaming (and she probably thinks his dreams are of her!).

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