Chaba scrubs up well for Josh’s party but only has eyes for Usha.

Radio Times: There is a twinkle in Usha’s eye.

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  • Chaba seems happy with life at Brookfield, even to singing while he works. He declines at first an invitation to Josh’s party but a mention that Usha is coming makes all the difference. He will borrow the car for a trip into Borchester beforehand.
  • Kenton lets Kathy into Nigel’s secret plans for an anniversary party. He is clearly hoping for a night with Kathy soon but he must wait until Thursday. Meanwhile they can go together to Josh’s party.
  • Shula reports that the barbecue went well, although it was a late night and they had an early start next morning on preparations for the building work at The Stables; the Planning Committee meet this week. Chaba returns with a present for Josh and looking very smart; he claims it’s good to make the effort – for a birthday. Ruth explains to David that the smart shirt is new and, she suspects, not for Josh’s benefit: as soon as Usha arrives Chaba had eagerly engaged her in conversation.
  • David just about had the games under control when Uncle Kenton delivers his present – a water blaster. Who is interested in ‘pass the parcel’ when a water fight is on the cards?
  • Ruth finds Usha and Chaba in the peace of the kitchen where they had retired to make a cup of tea. Chaba is dispatched to help David with crowd control (actually Kenton control) leaving Ruth to quiz Usha on what has been ‘going on’. Well, it is a long time since Usha was chatted up but, even though she is about twice Chaba’s age, she rather thinks she just has been.

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