The barbeque at Grange Farm has Shula quizzing Brian; the booze-up at Lower Loxley has Elizabeth ranting at Nigel and Kenton.

Radio Times: Nigel drowns his sorrows.

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  • Oliver and Caroline are talking about the barbeque later tonight. Oliver heard Tom’s hijacked sausage interview on the radio yesterday, the association with the barbeque being that Helen and her cheese are coming – oh, and Greg is coming along too.
  • At Lower Loxley Shula is talking to Elizabeth about, amongst other things, Siobhán. It seems Elizabeth is really ok about the birth bit. They also talk of Brian, and how he is still very much seeing Siobhán, often inventing business meetings in order to whisk her away to spend the night in some hotel or other. Nigel arrives needing help to put on a jacket. Shortly after, Kenton appears with the news that having forgotten to shut the hens in last night, a badger has destroyed Nigel’s precious chicks, of the Scot Dumpy variety.
  • The barbeque is in full swing with Oliver having a go at Brian for not being on the coach down to London for the forthcoming march. When Brian explains about his “meeting”, Shula persists in asking him where exactly he is staying. Brian says something about the Farmers Club, but Shula is not convinced.
  • Kenton and Nigel are getting sloshed at Lower Loxley, much to Lizzies non-amusement, so she disappears off to bed. Kenton tries to fish for possible investment in his latest business idea – internet cafés across the Midlands – but Nigel has no cash to offer. Kenton then tries to persuade Nigel to plan a outrageous party for his and Lizzies wedding anniversary. The conversation becomes louder and louder and is stopped only by a somewhat angry Elizabeth who bursts in saying that they’ve woken Lily and Freddie, and whats more, why can’t they both grow up! Oh dear.

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