Helen’s cheese is launched in a party at the shop, but Tom gets the radio interview and promotes his sausages instead.

Radio Times: Who is the big cheese?

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  • Tom and Helen are having another one of their sibling arguments about the great sausages -v- cheese debate. It’s the launch date for Helen’s cheese in the shop, and she rubbishes Tom’s Highly Commended by suggesting there were only four entries in his category.
  • Jennifer bumps into Brenda in Borchester, pleased to find that Brenda is taking out a load of books (not enough people read these days). It turns out that Brenda, keen to get back into literature, has been persuaded by Simon to join his North American literary studies evening class (something brewing for Simon and Brenda in the weeks to come me wonders!!).
  • The big cheese launch is taking place, and the shop is full of people much to Helen’s delight. She is interviewed by a reporter from the Echo who appears to look no more than about 14 years old. However, the sibling scoop has to be Tom, who manages to grab Brenda – here to interview Helen – and get the interview himself. Does he talk about cheese? Of course not – Brenda leaves with a very nice sausage interview on her dictaphone!!

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