Ruth is upset as Josh goes to school for the first time; Emma berates her parents for not being more like the Grundy’s!

Radio Times: Tom receives some good news.

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  • Its the playground, and Josh’s first day at school. He is absolutely fine, but Kathy comes across Ruth who is rather upset. She tries to brush it off and Kathy tries to reassure her that everything will be fine
  • Usha is in the village shop talking to Susan about the forthcoming countryside march in London. Susan thinks that the wider issues of rural life should be given more importance, such as the closing of the surgery and local shops. Usha is not buying much, but is all in favour of people using local services a lot more. Kathy comes in and mentions the fact that Ruth was a bit upset in the playground earlier.
  • Over at Bridge Farm, Neil is talking to Tom about the pigs. Tom needs Neil to see to them again as he is busy marketing his sausages. Neil reminds Tom how much he owes him, though this seems to fall on deaf ears. Tony arrives as a raucous cheer goes up from the potato picking women at the sight of Tom – apparently the rude and crude Beryl is amongst them, which should make for an interesing day for Tom! He, however is on a bit of a high, having just scored Highly Commended for his sausages in an Organic Food Awards competition – more than can be said for Helen’s cheese!
  • Usha calls round to see Ruth, to try and offer some support following her upset in the playground. As she suspected, it was more to do with the emotions surrounding her breast cancer operation and the fact that she did not even expect to see this day. They also ramble on about the fact that today is the first anniversary of the World Trade Center (american spelling!!) demolition, and how much more fortunate are we all than those who happened to be in the buildings at the time.
  • Emma comes in from work, and annoys her parents by complaining that they don’t eat as a family anymore, like the Grundy’s. Neil is particularly annoyed at having the Grundy’s held up as a good example for anything. Susan has had a hard day at the shop and is in no mood for cooking anything. Emma ends up stomping off to her room. More peace and harmony for the Carters – I don’t think!!

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