Jolene and Fallon are both smitten with Chaba; Emma has a really relaxed meal at the Grundy’s.

Radio Times: Dinner with the Grundys.

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  • Joe and George are taking advantage of the morning coffee service now being offered at the Bull, though Joe is impatient for opening time to come around. They chat about the forthcoming Flower & Produce show – George tries to persuade Jolene to enter the photography section. Jolene has a number of ideas herself, including putting a couple of internet-connected computers in a corner of the bar, and about having an exhibition of Jubilee photos on display at the Flower & Produce show.
  • Eddie is surprised to find Clarrie at home at lunchtime. She’s preparing a pie for tea tonight, as Emma and William are coming over. Eddie does not manage to persuade Clarrie to do him a fry-up for lunch – he has also had no luck as yet in finding an effects unit for Ed’s birthday. William drops a bottle of wine in for later, and is relieved that Ed will not be at home this evening.
  • Outside the shop, David bumps into Jolene, who is very interested in Chaba – both in his beer and crisp consumption of last night, and in his apparent good looks. Fallon, it would seem, also found him rather attractive. To Jolene’s dismay David tells her that at the moment Chaba only seems to have eyes for Usha. George arrives as David leaves. Christine and Peggy like the idea of the photo exhibition, and will put it to the committee. George mentions that there are still spare seats on the countryside march coach. Jolene has the answer – persuade Chaba to go along, and the girls of Ambridge will be queueing up to take up the empty spaces!!
  • Tea at the Grundy’s. There is table-talk about a whole variety of things: Kenton and Kathy, Helen’s cheese, and Ed’s forthcoming birthday. Emma thinks William should get his brother something, though William doesn’t see it quite in the same way! She also comments sadly on how her family just don’t seem to sit down together for a meal and a gossip anymore. Clearly missing family harmony – poor Emma.

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