Brian’s flashy new combine arrives; Chaba seems swept away by Usha; Brian plans another weekend away with Siobán.

Radio Times: Usha has an admirer.

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  • Brian is in the middle of leaving an ansaphone message for Siobhán, hatching plans for the weekend of the countryside march, when he is interrupted by Jenny. He quickly covers and ends the call, whereby Jenny tells him that the new combine has arrived.
  • At Brookfield, Ruth is in the middle of sewing nametapes into the children’s school clothes when David and Chaba come in for lunch. David teases Ruth about her (lack of) domestic skills. It seems Chaba’s Granny is a fine embrioderer (which he explains in broken english in his perfect home counties accent!). When he is out of the room, Ruth expresses concern that he may be homesick, though David does not think so – rather that he is in love with Usha, having talked of nothing else all morning.
  • Elizabeth is grudgingly walking Charlie – Julia obviously not having done it. She nags Nigel about his last night’s drinking, especially when mixed with his mega-strength pain killers – not to mention the fact that in such a state he could easily let Siobhán’s secret slip. Apparently when Siobhán got home there was a note from Brian who had paid her a surprise visit – so she was upset at having missed him. Talk turns to Kenton who, true to form, is not doing what he is supposed to be doing but instead is at the falconry chatting up Jessica again.
  • David has paid Home Farm a visit to drool over the new combine, which has every modern gadget going, including a cool-box for the driver’s drinks. Jenny arrives to invite David for tea, though he can’t stay. Brian chooses this moment to announce he won’t be on the coach to London for the countryside march, much to Jenny’s vocal dismay. After David leaves, Jenny continues to berate Brian about how it is so unreasonable of him not to make a united trip of the march. He explains about having a Borchester Land meeting on the Friday of that week (yeah right!) but this does nothing for Jenny, she is very disappointed.
  • Ruth is carefully showing Chaba how to wash cows udders, explaining their problems in the past, especially with hygiene. Ruth asks about how Chaba is doing. Chaba mentions Usha, and asks how Ruth and her know each other – looks like David was right about his keen interest…..

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