Janet tells the congregation she’s leaving; Kenton has lunch at Kathy’s (though no sleepover); Lower Loxley inherits Marrjorie’s dog, Charlie.

Radio Times: Charlie has a new home.

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  • Kenton is over for a full Sunday lunch with Kathy, although tired out from playing football with Jamie. One stuffing later, and Kenton retires to the sofa with Kathy whilst Jamie goes in search of the Monopoly. Kenton pushes Kathy about staying the night, though she thinks it’s a bit soon for Jamie for that to happen.
  • Janet announces her departure to the congregation at St Stephens amidst oohs and aahs from the pews. (Didn’t realise she’d been there SEVEN years!). After the service Jill and Shula chat about the countryside alliance – they clearly have different views, especially when it comes to the great hunting debate. They switch to the safer subject of the flower and produce show, and Phil’s plans to enter some roses. Janet arrives, surprised at how many people have said they’ll miss her, even the voiceless Jean Harvey.
  • At Lower Loxley Nigel, even in his crippled state, is walking Marjorie’s dog Charlie. It turns out that Julia has insisted on them taking Charlie from Marjorie as she used to be Nelson’s dog. Julia, however, is not insisting on walking the bitch herself. Jill relieves the pained Nigel, and they talk of Siobhán’s predicament. (Siobhán is staying the night at Lower Loxley, being comforted by Elizabeth). In awkward response to Jill’s questioning, Nigel reveals that “the father” is a married man, though this comes as no surprise to Jill. They both agree however, that with Lizzies bad experiance when the twins were born, being at Siobhán’s baby’s birth may not be the best thing. Kenton arrives, and spots Siobhán’s car. Nigel urges him to be diplomatic. Despite protestations, Kenton can’t help admitting that he is absolutely dying to know who Siobhán’s mystery lover is….

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