Siobhán feels let down again by Brian so Elizabeth promises to be her birthing partner

Radio Times: Siobhán raises the big question.

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  • Brian is doing some DIY for Siobhán, though he would prefer to be massaging her back! First things first, then try keeping him away …
  • Kenton is on the cadge at Brookfield – coffee this time, to make up for Lizzie having demoted him to a bulk buying fish fingers errand boy. David, busy as ever, is irritated by his presence, especially when he probes for criticism of Chabba. David returns with lavish praise for the conscientious Hungarian boy. Kenton then tries to wind David up about Marjorie’s having to give away her old spaniel. Coffee is definitely not on David’s immediate agenda, and aren’t those fish fingers defrosting?
  • Siobhán and Brian appear to be enjoying the afterglow. She quizzes him about whether he was present at the births of Alice and Kate. What about when their baby is born? Brian is torn with conflicting emotions and tries to outline the obvious difficulties. Siobhán asks if it really matters to him. He promises on his honour (honour …?) to see her ASAP afterwards and pleads for her understanding.
  • Kenton has been downloading masses of stuff about IT equipment and catering supplies to the Lower Loxley computer. Nigel is not best pleased as Kenton should have been updating the casual staff rota. Elizabeth comes in to let him know he is needed back at the wedding reception. Kenton is not best pleased as he has an early date with Kathy! Too bad, says Lizzie. She has to go to Felpersham immediately – Siobhán has phoned and is very upset.
  • Kathy tells Kenton he owes her £2.50. She has paid his video debt to Betty. He apologises for the fact that their evening will start rather later than intended and hedges round their plans for Sunday lunch with tales of being on duty all weekend. When Kathy mentions Jamie’s disappointment, Kenton, feigning assertive manliness, agrees that Nigel and Lizzie don’t own him, not to worry – he’ll be there, he’ll tell them!
  • Siobhán is desperately upset that Brian will not be able to be at the birth. Elizabeth comforts her and offers to be her birthing partner, second best though she knows that will be. Siobhán is delighted. Elizabeth too, who feels it will also be a privilege. Siobhán says she is trying so hard not to be weak, but what’s going to become of her in this whole impossible mess with Brian? She should try to be stronger, try to stop loving him, especially when he keeps letting her down. But she can’t …

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