Oliver is taking the Italian job seriously; Kenton takes liberties with his job; Janet has a new job to go to.

Radio Times: Janet looks to the future.

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  • Whilst out riding, Caroline is sharing with Shula the gastronomic delights of her and Oliver’s Italian Society evening – it seems their Italian didn’t benefit much as everyone was either fluent or native! But Oliver was very taken (purely academically, of course…) with the very gorgeous and helpful organiser. Janet stops briefly on her way to a meeting in Darrington and makes an arrangement to call on Shula later in the afternoon.
  • Nigel is struggling to open a bottle of mineral water one-handed. According to the hospital he’ll be fully mended in another three weeks. Elizabeth has been talking to Siobhán about Monday’s disappointment with Brian and is now trying not to get worked up about it. Does Nigel know anything about this e-mail confirming a booking with special terms? Is this one of Kenton’s deals?
  • Oliver is trying for a moment of Caroline’s precious time at Grey Gables – does she fancy joining a term of Italian evening classes at Borchester College? The very gorgeous organiser told him about them. Caroline is so busy, but she’ll come along to the first meeting and see.
  • Now what about that e-mail? It seems that Kenton struck up a wonderful telephone rapport with Laura, one of the TV company’s PR people. Bang goes Nigel and Lizzie’s profit on this deal ‘cos he offered them the de-luxe menu at the standard price … Lizzie will have to talk to the caterers – and Kenton – don’t confirm anything again without checking! OK sis, now about Sunday lunch this week – Kathy was so disappointed last week. Nigel says they’ll manage. Kenton says he would hate to let Kathy down again.
  • Janet and Shula chat about current local issues – the surgery plans at the stables, the new housing development, the sad fact that Marjorie is advertising for a good home for her old spaniel, Charlie. Janet will visit her, but meanwhile she’s been offered a job in Southampton. She’ll start after Christmas and Tim has high hopes of finding a practice there eventually. Shula will be sad to lose Janet as both Vicar and friend. Janet, too, regrets she’ll be leaving so many friends though not everyone will miss her, she adds ruefully. But it feels right, she welcomes the challenge and it’s time to move on.

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