Susan takes on extra hours at the shop; Kenton plans on spending extra hours with Kathy.

Radio Times: Neil disapproves.

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  • Betty and Susan are waiting at the village shop for a lunchtime visit from Jack. They are optimistic that it will be positive news – Mr Woolley sounded cheerful on the phone. Neil calls in, having forgotten that Susan wasn’t going to be at home for lunch. He is irritable about Emma spending the night with William. She only informed them by sending a text to Christopher late in the evening – not good enough! Susan is riled by his attitude but tries to gloss over the issue. Neil leaves as Jack arrives, full of self-congratulation about the success of the video business. He talks to Betty about his latest idea.
  • Emma and Kathy are chatting over coffee at Lower Loxley. Kathy sings Kenton’s many praises – how fortunate he was still around to step in at Nigel’s time of need … Emma isn’t quite as convinced as Kathy that he could charm the birds off the trees, especially as he still owes Betty money in the village shop – but then he’s been so busy lately, hasn’t he …? Kathy ribs a yawning Emma about her night with William – she noticed him bringing her into work this morning. Kenton arrives with news that a coach load will soon be needing their services and asks Emma for two cups of coffee to take out – two? – yes, one for Jessica at the falconry.
  • Jack wants to build on the increased shop sales by staying open for an extra hour on weekdays and Saturdays. Betty agrees that it would be a very good idea but she would be unable to work that late because of the chickens. Susan would no doubt be glad of the extra hours.
  • At home, Neil tries once more to raise the subject of Emma’s sleeping arrangements – would she kindly try to let them know beforehand if she plans to stay out all night? Susan tries diversionary tactics again hoping to avoid the looming row. Emma resentfully warns them that she will be having tea at the Grundy’s next Tuesday, and leaves. Surprise, surprise, Neil is not happy about that! But he and Susan manage a fragile truce and discuss the implications of her working till seven every evening. She will need his support. Neil would have to get Christopher’s tea and make sure he started his homework. He reluctantly agrees – they do need the money.
  • Kenton has taken Kathy home from work. She’s keen for him to come in to say hello to Jamie, but no more than that, yet. He’s envious of Emma being allowed to stay the night with William … but Jamie needs to be ready, to see more of Kathy and Kenton together as a couple in the natural course of things. How about Sunday lunch? Same problem as last week – Lizzie will have him locked in the office. But why should he be bossed around by his little sister? Leave it to him – she won’t like it, but he’ll fix it!

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