Oliver and Caroline’s relationship thrives, as does William and Emma’s.

Radio Times: Ed is disgruntled.

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  • Ed has found some ragwort in Oliver’s field, which leads him into some reminiscences about his childhood at Grange Farm. He doesn’t believe there is a future in farming, although Oliver encourages him to go on the ‘Liberty and Livelihood’ march; there is room on the coach. He would really like to achieve success with the band; he is saving up for an effects unit for his guitar.
  • Ruth is demonstrating the calf feeder to Chaba; it’s a step up from bucket feeding, which he uses at home, but not the computer-based system which Ruth would like. A little probing reveals that he has (or had) a girl friend in Hungary but he doesn’t see so much of her now.
  • On the Green, Jill encounters Oliver looking smart; he is en route to the opera with Caroline – Verdi. Clarrie is worrying about what to get Ed for his 18th birthday; he wants a car but that is not on. Oliver suggests the effects unit, although Clarrie will need Fallon’s help to get that right.
  • At Brookfield, Chaba is popular with Josh because he is getting lots of attention. Pip is still shy and goes coy and giggly. Ruth thinks Pip has noticed that he is a good-looking boy; clearly Ruth has!
  • Caroline and Oliver feel at a disadvantage, not knowing the story of La Traviata; there are no subtitles at the Felpersham Drill Hall and their italian is not so good.
  • Ed comes home soaked because he has had to walk all the way in the rain. It’s not fair that he can’t have a car but Clarrie points out that he cannot afford car or insurance. Ed is frustrated that William has one, and his own place – or love nest; he and Emma are all over each other these days.
  • The rain has cleared by the time Oliver brings Caroline home. They will try to book for a meal with the local Italian Society on Wednesday. Is she going to ask him in? Well, it’s late and she has an early start. On the other hand… They notice that William is still up and Emma’s bike is still here; she normally goes home well before midnight. Young love! Ah!

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