Chaba arrives at Brookfield; Brian departs with indecent haste from Siobhán’s flat.

Radio Times: Brookfield has an important visitor.

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  • Chaba, the Hungarian student, has arrived at Brookfield and is raring to go. Jennifer arrives bent on gathering material for her web site from grandad’s old diaries. She is unable to help David, who needs to speak to Debbie and dissuades him from trying to contact Brian instead because he is in Borchester having his hair cut.
  • The re-union of Brian and Siobhán after a week (which ‘feels more like a month’) is passionate. He is most impressed with the flat and assures her he will spend more time in it. There is a porcelain figurine for her to make up for his neglect.
  • Jennifer finds much of interest in the diaries and borrows one for a few days. She has ordered a book which she needs for the web site but forgot to collect it. Never mind, Brian is in Borchester so he can collect it.
  • Meanwhile Brian is massaging Siobhán’s aching back; he is in another world, is a different person when he is with her. His mobile brings him back to reality (when will he learn to switch the thing off!) with the request from Jenny to collect that book.
  • Chaba needs little instruction on how to hitch up a trailer and even though Ruth feels he should take a day to find his feet he is keen to start. It’s early days but Ruth thinks he’s great.
  • Back at the love nest, Siobhán must understand why Brian has to go now. He will be back as soon as he possibly can; he will call tomorrow morning. She does understand, only too well, but that does not prevent her from dissolving into tears as soon as the door is between them.

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