Kenton continues to irritate Nigel; Brian’s behaviour continues to irritate Elizabeth.

Radio Times: Kenton is standing in for Nigel.

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  • Betty has been reliving her romantic evening and is delighted with the change in Mike, just like being back in their courting days. Susan should try to get Neil dancing too. Returning his video late, Kenton owes for an extra day but dashes off pleading ‘no change’ before Betty can argue.
  • With Neil and Tom the talk is of pigs, not dancing for which Neil has neither time nor money. Tom is set on making his first ‘banger’ million before his sister makes hers in cheese. He will step up the marketing next week if Neil will cover for him – at the usual rate.
  • Nigel’s printer must know he is trying to operate it with one hand. He is reworking Kenton’s publicity material which did not fit the Lower Loxley image. The pain is fine if he doesn’t do anything. He feels such an idiot. At least it got a chuckle out of Siobhán when Elizabeth told her; she has been a bit low lately. When Kenton turns up he cannot understand the fuss about using the standard layout and fonts: it was done wasn’t it!
  • Betty pops in to Susan to arrange cover for Wednesday afternoon: Mr Woolley wants to talk to her about the business. If Kenton comes in, she is to be sure to extract the owed £2.50.
  • Much to Nigel’s annoyance, Kenton reminds him again about the £10 wager which is still unpaid, so Kenton is invited to help himself from Nigel’s wallet; it is difficult with one hand. Kenton races away having announced that he has arranged to help Jessica with a falconry display on Thursday, to Nigel’s further annoyance.
  • Elizabeth has got to the bottom of Siobhán’s depression: she has been in her new flat for a week and Brian has not called on her. She even makes excuses for him but Elizabeth knows only too well that, after taking her to France, he is spending time with his family to prevent Jennifer from becoming suspicious. Elizabeth can’t bear to see him messing them both around; it is so unfair.

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