In the quad bike race with Kenton, Nigel cracks his collar bone; his silly head survives intact but wiser.

Radio Times: Boys and their toys.

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  • Kenton seems impressed that Shula actually is doing some real work – but not quite why she can’t stop for coffee. The dance seemed to be fun but he is here for more than a chat. Ambridge is really crying out for a CyberCafe. There was one in Borchester which failed, but that wouldn’t happen now. This would be a sure fire success. All he needs is a bit of cash. Shula isn’t interested. She has no spare cash but even if she did she wouldn’t lend it to Kenton. She wishes him all the luck there is but she is not putting up any money.
  • Nigel is getting geared up for the quad bike race but Kenton seems to be a no show. Jennifer is worried about Nigel though. But she hopes they will come to dinner again soon. The trouble is Brian is so busy, charging around the country. How does he have the energy at his age?
  • Elizabeth gives the starting signal. It’s a very close match but Kenton manages to run Nigel off. Kenton doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong but Nigel thinks he’s broken something. Turns out it’s a cracked collar bone.
  • Jennifer is still worried about Brian. He doesn’t seem to be eating properly and he is always rushing around. She’s worried about Debbie too. It’s clear that Debbie and Simon aren’t really getting on. They don’t seem to get much time together and she doesn’t want Brian to burn himself out before he retires. Brian isn’t keen but Jennifer thinks it would give them the chance to do everything they always wanted. Brian thinks it’s a little early to make plans. You can never tell how things will turn out.
  • Nigel is suffering but Elizabeth isn’t minded to give him any sympathy. Nigel knows she was right. He will try to do the best he can – he won’t do it again. Kenton doesn’t think Elizabeth should be getting so upset but she is far from convinced he’s the right person. But Kenton is reassuring. He can stay on at Lower Loxley for as long as they want!

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