Mike’s dancing practice pays off; Kenton’s business idea probably won’t.

Radio Times: Betty is swept off her feet.

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  • Sid and Jolene have started opening for breakfast – coffee and bacon sarnies for 35. Kenton turns up for a beer instead. He’s been off buying a corsage for Kathy. Jolene doesn’t mind, she’s got Sid in that “sexy white tuxedo”. Sid is advertising Helen’s new cheese – it’s the only way to go, this entrepreneur stuff. Jolene even wants an internet café. Kenton seems a touch put out …
  • Mike tells Betty she’s off to the ball – pity she’s covered in chicken s***. Never mind, she’ll be the belle of the ball. They certainly make an entrance.
  • Kenton is whining to Shula because his Dad seems to think he ought to get a job. But Kenton’s just not wired for this sort of thing, especially when he’s got such a great idea for a business. Shula doesn’t seem too keen for some reason …
  • Mike and Betty have had their picture taken for Borchester Life and even Jolene wanted a dance with Mike – and she’s a pro. Kenton thinks Sid’s made a big mistake giving up Kathy for Jolene. But Sid doesn’t think it will last – he’s just taking her for a ride. Kenton thinks he might stay overnight again but Kathy’s not keen while Jamie’s there.
  • Mike’s dancing is a real success. Who wants Fred Astaire? Mike will do for Betty!

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