Sid’s proved wrong, Wayne hasn’t been stealing vodka and drinking it with Eddie.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha camp it up at the Vicarage.

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  • Eddie’s raucous visit to Wayne last night has cheered him up; he ate a good breakfast and the doctor’s hopeful more tablets will make him better. Sid, ever suspicious, is sure he heard clinking glasses though, does a stock check and finds he’s two bottles of vodka short. He tells Jolene and Fallon. Jolene tells him Wayne can’t get out of bed, let alone into the cellar, and she goes to search his room to prove it.
  • Alan’s unearthed his camping equipment ready for next week. Its A-frame was an innovation back when he got it. Usha thinks it smells rancid and isn’t keen on the sleeping bags either, although Alan’s sure they were dry cleaned before being put away. She goes shopping with Ruth and is dismayed to find a nice big new tent and sleeping bags would cost so little but Ruth reminds her she’s doing this to repay Allan for all his running after her mugging, and she needs to do it his way. Usha still sneaks in an air bed to replace Alan’s narrow camp bed.
  • Jolene’s search comes up with an empty lemonade bottle brought by Eddie. Now Sid thinks it must have had cider in it. He’s being ridiculous, smell the bottle, says Jolene, and then go and check the cellar again. Fallon asks mum why she’s so certain and is told Wayne was never a thief. Sid returns, sheepishly, he must have miscounted, sorry. Jolene tells him to apologise to Wayne to clear the air and then points out that Fallon has a low enough opinion of Wayne to begin with without Sid making it worse.

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