Alan and Usha settle into their campsite with different expectations.

Radio Times: Ian shows his PR skills.

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  • The preparations for her camping trip with Alan indicate that Usha is not really prepared for such a basic life.
  • Wayne finds that getting up has made him quite puffed; Fallon has got him some clothes from Oxfam – and a photograph of herself with the band. She doesn’t contradict when he says he knows she will be glad to see the back of him. When he makes an unwanted appearance in the bar she quickly ushers him back upstairs.
  • Ian must cook lunches at Grey Gables but then plans to cheer for Adam and his team at Edgeley. Adam wonders whether he is doing anything for British Food Fortnight. Later, though the cricket is not going well and Ian doubts whether Adam is enjoying being captain, he reveals his idea – a double act, meet the farmer, cook the food.
  • Once they reach the camp-site, Usha realises that Alan’s idea of camping is actually a good deal more basic than most of the other campers; and never mind the view and the sea air, where’s the loo? Usha doubts Alan’s ability to cook an epicurean feast on a single gas burner but is willing to be convinced. At least Usha is enjoying having Alan all to herself, away from his needy parishioners. They have a whole week of strolling on the beach, paddling in the sea and one of them fancies a go at surfing – no prizes for working out which one.

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