David may have destroyed Alan and Usha’s solitude.

Radio Times: Lynda and Elizabeth take gardening underground.

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  • Lizzie has moved on from waking early to setting the alarm early and offers Nigel no explanation when she gets up at such an absurd hour.
  • Insomnia is also a problem at Brookfield, where David has had a bad dream – worrying about leaving the farm.
  • At their clandestine labours in the Memorial Garden, Elizabeth explains to Lynda that her mum has noticed the work they have done already; next they need something to give height – a clematis on a trellis perhaps. Lynda and Robert are planning to borrow a luxurious motor home for a holiday later in the week.
  • When Ruth delivers Ben to play with the twins at Lower Loxley, she reports a text from Usha that rather suggests she is enjoying her holiday, especially the surfing. Lizzie returns from shopping and quickly changes the subject when Nigel notices a bootful of empty flowerpots. Nigel has an idea for David’s birthday that hits the spot with Ruth – a family party at Lower Loxley.
  • Adam has visited Brookfield to encourage David and Ruth to take part in the Grey Gables ‘Meet the farmer, cook the food’ event. When he has gone David confesses that he has done something awful: directed Lynda in her borrowed motor home – the last word in luxury – to the very place where Alan and Usha have gone back to basics.

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