The honeymoon is over for Mike.

Radio Times: The honeymooners sail into Ambridge.

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  • Obviously Mike had forgotten that the kitchen was to be repainted in their absence; his wife’s colour scheme comes as a bit of a shock. He is going to have to get used to Vicky’s taste.
  • Brenda is helping out in the dairy; it’s not really her thing but she needs the money because, living with Tom, she cannot get the Job Seeker’s Allowance. Later she is going to look after Abbie but fears she will be ambushed by Vicky …
  • … and she is right. Vicky has a present for her: a Breton teddy bear. How cute! She shouldn’t have, she really, really shouldn’t have. Reports of Brenda’s father on a nudist beach don’t go down well either.
  • Over tea, Helen tells Ian all about her latest date with Leon. She had a really nice time and then went home, which was ok. He is a bit of a charmer and she will be seeing him again next week.
  • Mike is keen to know what progress Ed has made about acquiring more land and is pleased about the encounter with Brian. However, Ed has not made much progress on writing a proposal, so Mike volunteers to have a go – in time for next Tuesday’s board meeting.
  • Vicky has been to see Lynda and has heard all about the motor home holiday; that sounds good to Mike but clearly not to Vicky, who has always fancied going on a cruise. Mike is going to have to get used to Vicky’s taste; it is pretty clear she will be booking the next holiday.

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