Sid’s sad to see Kathy and Jamie leave. But not so sad that he doesn’t ask Jolene to move in.

Radio Times: There is news about Daniel.

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  • Phil’s tending to some sheep when Jill wanders out and starts working on him to do the Mikado, she’s suggested that Marjorie will play the piano and Christine will do front of house. Of course, Phil’s dismayed that Chris’ voice will be lost to the performance …
  • Caroline and Shula meet for lunch in the Bull, but are driven outside by the frosty atmosphere. Kathy’s minding the food but it’s not easy for either of them. Sid’s keen for news on Jamie, especially as Kathy would rather he didn’t see him for the moment – to keep up the pretence that he’s on holiday at Bridge Farm. At some point they’ll have to sit down and talk with him. They both admit they’re sorry about what happened.
  • Shula’s heard that the social worker has approved their adoption application – just a visit to the court to go, now.
  • Sid meets up with Jolene (who had driven up to the Bull earlier, only to leave again when she saw Kathy’s car). Sid’s changed his tune from before, now he’s grateful not to have lost her. So grateful that he asks her to move in!