Sid seems to be over Kathy and David and Ruth continue their recouperation.

Radio Times: Jolene takes the bull by the horns.

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  • It’s early morning (well, 8am but that’s early for Edward) and William’s in Ambridge to work and Edward needed a lift. He’s not taking being minded at that flat very well – he’d prefer to be left on his own, specifically next Tuesday when he’s throwing a birthday party for Emma Carter ….
  • Simon passes the Grundy boys and asks William about prime fishing spots. William gives him some (blatantly wrong) advice and later, visits him and a disappointed Simon has no catch. William flaunts a sizeable fish and, lest he disappoints Debbie, Simon buys it from him!
  • Sid seems to have recovered from Kathy’s moving out as he wakes up next to Jolene and, again, asks her to move in – he thinks most of the punters won’t mind, caring as much that the atmosphere will improve. Jolene reminds him that Fallon will have her own mind in these matters, but she’d move in today …
  • Ruth apologises to David for her moods recently, he doesn’t mind but she apologises anyway! Later, she breaches their first hurdle – she undresses in front of him and, with emotion washing around, he touches her wound for the first time.