Siobhán feels let down when Brian has to return to the farm early; gossip is rife about Tim and Janet; Roy is not happy at Jenny not asking him before planning Phoebe’s party

Radio Times: A test for Brian’s loyalties.

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  • Brian and Siobhán seem have managed lunch (allegedly) after all. But it turns out that Andy has gone off sick and the sheep need attention. Siobhán is not impressed.
  • Jennifer is telling Betty about Phoebe’s party but she still hasn’t got round to telling Hayley and Roy. Betty feels the strong need to tell Jennifer that Tim is having an affair with Janet. No wonder they are leaving and how will Betty cope without Susan to do the early shift.
  • Eddie is taking Brian for a ride over the ewes – not Jennifer’s first choice but he is certainly charging for the privilege.
  • Roy is not convinced about the party. Phoebe gets upset in crowds. He’ll have to talk to Hayley. Betty thinks he should have sounded more enthusiastic but the trouble is Jennifer doesn’t think. Jennifer is pretty upset at Roy’s reaction though. He’ll probably come round though.
  • Brian tries to apologise to Siobhán but she says she’s fine. She realises where she comes in the grand scheme of things. She could always stop playing the game.. But Brian says he won’t give up. He really wants to spend time with her .. and their baby.

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