Roy gives the go ahead for Phoebe’s party; Roy also plans for a bigger and better Single Wicket competition this year; Ed is not happy at Fallon’s suggestion to drop Jazzer from the band

Radio Times: Is there a future for the group Dross?

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  • Pity about England getting knocked out. It was very stressful that early in the morning. Kirsty’s not impressed that Roy has a role cut out for her doing the teas for the single wicket. She still hasn’t got round to asking Helen for the day off for the Royal but Tom thinks they could really get somewhere with the trade people.
  • Jennifer is still pretty annoyed at Roy’s reluctance over the party. Kate is a different person now. But Debbie thinks it is quite reasonable for them to be concerned. Debbie is a bit surprised to hear about Brian’s cancelled conference on Thursday – she hadn’t heard anything about it.
  • Fallon tests Ed out on dropping Jazzer from the band. Ed doesn’t think they should drop him – something will turn up. But Fallon thinks they’ll have to drop him anyway – he can’t hack it anymore. What will happen if Stue drops out too. He’s bound to side with his brother. Ed thinks it stinks.
  • Jennifer thinks Brian needs to give Debbie more support. She is really fretting at the moment and Brian is too preoccupied. At least Roy turns up with some good news after all. They can have the party but he and Hayley want to be consulted first in the future.
  • Helen has refused Kirsty her day off. Helen wants to go to the Royal on the same day and they can’t both have the same day off. It doesn’t matter to Helen which day she goes but Tom’s timetable is fixed. She’s being totally unreasonable.
  • At the meeting about the single wicket, Fallon is no more impressed than Kirsty about the tea. Roy thinks that fine. But they could go further. If they are going to break with tradition they could do something really different like a barbie! Might even draw in a decent crowd.
  • Brian does try to give Debbie some support. He’d forgotten how tough it was being a working farmer. He’s realised how he couldn’t run the farm on his own. He has got huge respect for the job she does. At least the business is still in the black. He doesn’t know what he would do without her

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