Kate returns with Lucas and is overjoyed to see Phoebe; Tim asks Siobhán to let it be known that he is not the father of her baby.

Radio Times: Kate’s home.

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  • Tom and Roy are talking on the green about the Single Wicket competition when Jenny arrives full of enthusiasm about Kates arrival later today. As Jenny leaves, Tim makes a brief appearance, which leads to gossip between Tom and Roy about the “Doctor having it off with the Vicar”
  • Tim phones Siobhán – he wants to tell her something, so they arrange to meet in a hotel in Felpersham…….. When they meet up, it’s Tim who sounds somewhat stilted. It turns out that Siobhán has already heard about the rumours of Tim and Janet. Tim asks Siobhán if she could let people know that her baby is not his. She agrees though is not quite sure how to go about it.
  • An emotional re-union at the airport – well, for Jenny at least. Kate seems somewhat subdued, particularly when she learns that Phoebe is not there to greet her too.
  • At Home Farm, Lucas is falling over himself to be helpful to Jenny. Roy arrives with Phoebe and after a few anxious moments, Phoebe seems to remember Kate and Lucas well enough much to Kate’s relief. Roy tries to persuade Lucas to enter the Single Wicket competion, whilst Kate remarks how ‘distant’ Brian seems to be. “He’s just tired” says Jenny……..

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