Kate and Debbie catch up; the colour of Lucas causes talk in the Bull; Jennifer suggests no-rules 18th century football for the fete; Brian keeps up appearances.

Radio Times: Brian seizes an opportunity.

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  • As a decoy to get a few snatched moments with Siobhán, Brian has taken Kate over to see the still immobile Debbie. Whilst Brian nips off under the pretence of going to the farm co-op, Kate and Debbie exchange news. Kate manages to persuade Debbie to come back to the folks for the evening.
  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or more precisely, a coffee shop) Brian and Siobhán exchange sweet nothings over a cappuccino. The sweet nothings involve Siobhán relating the upshot of her meeting with Tim, and Brian mentioning that he and Jenny will be together at the Royal. Siobhán will be there too, so a few surprises in store perhaps….
  • At Glebe cottage, Jenny has called in to see Jill with an idea for the forthcoming village fete. It involves a pigs bladder, much violence and is loosely based on 18th century football, with no rules and opposing teams from Darrington and Ambridge. Jill not so sure. As Jenny leaves, Kenton arrives full of gossip from the pub, where he has evidently been for most of the afternoon. Lucas is causing a stir amongst the rural white folk (well, Jason anyway), who, it would seem, has never seen a black person before. (Usha doesn’t count presumeably). Jill is bothered that Kenton is not doing his Brookfield duties, though he assures her that everything is fine.
  • It’s suppertime at Home Farm. Kate is catching up on all the village gossip – especially the bits about Siobhán, the baby, the doctor and the vicar. In her unique blunt style Kate muses over whether Siobhán has been badly treated or perhaps she’s just a slag! All this is too much for Brian who, missing the glasses, pours wine over the table, much to Debbies bemusement.

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