Siobhán tells Lynda (and Lynda will tell the world) that Tim is not the father; Eddie cadges a lift to the Royal with David, and buys a clapped out JCB for himself and Ed

Radio Times: Siobhán puts the record straight.

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  • Always on the lookout for a freebie, Eddie askes David for a lift to the Royal, as he has heard that Bert has decided not to go – therefore there will be some room in David’s car. Eddie hurries off before David can give him a definite “No”, with Eddie taking it as being all sorted.
  • In Felpersham, Lynda is surprised to see Siobhán (forgetting that she actually lives there now!) Siobhán drags Lynda into a coffee shop and , after Lynda gushes about how sorry she is that Tim has deserted her and run off with the vicar, Siobhán tells her (in strictest confidence) that Tim is NOT the father of the baby, and that she (Siobhán) wishes him and Janet all the very best of luck. Lynda promises that this will go no further (Hmmmm…) and says she feels privileged that Siobhán should feel able to talk to her.
  • David is feeling rather paranoid at the fact that Ruth is going to see a male strip show on Jolene’s hen night. He mentions the one sided conversation with Eddie earlier and is told in no uncertain terms to go back to Eddie and tell him “No”.
  • Having returned from Felpersham, Lynda (discretion personified!) tries to tell Clarrie all about the revelations of Siobhán. In mid ‘tell’ Eddie turns up with his investment from his patio money – a second hand JCB costing £850, and covered in rust. Clarrie is horrified, but not as much as Lynda, when Eddie announces that he’s putting it in HIS section of Lynda’s paddock with the spice cow and Bartleby.

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