Lynda begins her gossip quest; Kathy slams Sids wedding; Clarrie gets her moneys worth at Jolene’s strip-show hen night.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets carried away.

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  • Almost bursting (presumably having not managed to tell Clarrie yesterday), Lynda reveals all regarding Siobhán and the illegitimate baby to Betty and Kathy. Further speculation about the identity of the father follows…
  • In true over the top style, a stretch limo arrives at the Bull to take Jolene and her hen party animals (Betty, Ruth, Clarrie and nameless others) to the strip show – an act known as “The Firm”. The limo is enormous and equiped with champagne to get the girls in the mood…
  • Later on at the Bull, Kathy arrives to pick up Jamie who has been trying on his outfit for THE wedding. Fallon is put into quite an awkward spot as Kathy rants on about the solemnity of wedding vows as compared to the pantomime that Sid and Jolene are having.
  • The hen party is in full swing with plenty of inuendo and comparison with the poor specimens all the women seem to have at home. Betty is given a shoulder massage (with what??) by one of “The Firm”. As for Clarrie – she has been dragged onto the stage for what one can only imagine as something not broadcastable at 7:00pm had this been television and not radio!! She returns to the group of women looking rather flushed. However, rather than being embarassed, she exclaims that she thought she’d died and gone to heaven! (Poor old Eddie clearly no match in that department then!!)

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