Kenton slips up and de-hydrates Davids cows; Janet and Tim are still the hot gossip topic; Jazzer is told that him and Dross are no more.

Radio Times: Kenton’s in big trouble.

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  • Ed, Fallon and Jazzer are lazing by the river, drinking cider (wot – no drugs?), whilst Ed and Fallon try to persuade Jazzer that there is no place for him any longer in Dross. Jazzer appears not to be taking any of it in, but notices a noisy unhappy herd of cows in the next field. Ed thinks they might belong to Brookfield so calls David on his mobile.
  • David is over at Home Farm at the time of the call, talking to a miraclously recovered Debbie about palming off Kenton onto her. Debbie declines, and is more interested in how far the strip-act at Jolene’s hen night went.
  • Janet and Tim are talking at the surgery. A barbed comment from Ed earlier about Janet and naked men – following discussion about Jolene’s hen night – had caused her to over react, rather than letting it wash over her. Tim tells her of his conversation with Siobhán, and her subsequent ‘confidential’ chat with Lynda, which should mean that very very soon the whole village will know that he is not the father of Siobhán’s baby.
  • Following on from Ed’s mobile call, David goes to check the cattle. It turns out that they are so noisy because they have no water – and they have no water because the person who was supposed to be checking on them each day had slipped up – and that person is………. KENTON!!

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