Phoebe’s party ends with Phoebe wanting to go home to Hayley; David sacks Kenton over the debacle with the heifers.

Radio Times: Phoebe wants her mum.

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  • It’s the day of Phoebe’s (or is it Jennifers?) grand party, and the ever helpful Lucas is busy with the preparations. The subject of the Royal comes up, and Kate announces that she and Lucas are not going to go – what with having to fit so much already into two short weeks. Brian seizes the opportunity to suggest that maybe Jenny would also like to stay at home with Kate and Lucas. Kate however insists that the Royal is a good day out for BOTH Jenny and Brian and the two of them should both go.
  • With the party in full swing, Phoebe and Nolly have both covered themselves in chocolate. Whilst Kate runs to capture this idyllic scene on film, Lucas enquires of Roy why Hayley is not present. Roy explains that Hayley finds this type of thing with all its complicated dynamics rather awkward, though Lucas is at pains to reassure Roy that there really is no problem. Later on, Phoebe is rather tired and emotional and wants her mum – her mum being Hayley! Roy takes her home leaving an emotional Kate to be comforted by Lucas.
  • Kenton is at last tracked down and confronted by David about the cows having been left without water. The ever slippery Kenton tries to palm it off as a genuine once-only mistake but it seems he has gone too far this time. David is having none of it and duly sacks him.

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