While Tom wins at cricket, Kate reveals that she feels there is something different about Brian.

Radio Times: Can Lucas live up to his reputation?

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  • At Brookfield, David is preparing the grain store and bemoaning the low prices. Phil is concerned that they will be shorthanded without Kenton when David goes to the Royal on Tuesday; he is not at all surprised that David had to “let Kenton go”.
  • In The Bull, the combatants in the single wicket competition are weighing up the likely outcome. Sid is anxious about being drawn against Lucas, although not on the basis of any hard evidence of Lucas’ cricketing ability.
  • Roy gives Lucas lots of help with field placement, although Lucas feels this will make no difference. He is right; Sid notches up a good score and Lucas is out for a duck. He never claimed to be any good!
  • Kirsty and Kate are ‘conned’ into being barbecue chefs, although by way of recompense Tom has a cunning plan to get Kirsty the day off on Tuesday to go to the Royal. Chatting over the veggie burgers, Kate reveals that being back in Ambridge feels strange: she belongs and doesn’t belong at the same time. Nothing much changes in the village, although she has noticed a difference in her dad but cannot quite put her finger on it. (I reckon she will though, given a few more days!)
  • It’s Sid versus Tom in the final and Sid looks unstoppable: two runs required to overtake Tom’s score and win. Then he is stopped: run out by a fine piece of fielding from Lucas, who turns out to be a soccer player, indeed a goalkeeper. So Tom takes the trophy for the second time, as did his late brother. Sid is (uncharacteristically) not upset: on Thursday he will get the prize he really wants.

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