Siobhán’s secret is out and it is too much for Tim.

Radio Times: The truth hurts.

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  • David is taking a welcome breather from the lambing shed when Ruth catches him; since the kids are staying at Glebe Cottage tonight he proposes a night out.
  • At the hospital, Daniel is being very brave in the face of painful treatment to keep his joints moving. Shula is being brave too but releases her bottled tension when Jill arrives, shortly followed by Ruth. Ruth has some good news: the midwife has told her that the baby’s head is engaged. Now she is worrying about Pip and Josh when she goes into labour; needless to say Jill and Phil will do whatever is necessary, at any hour.
  • Brian’s entreaty to switch off her computer and come out with him is not working; Siobhán says she has too much on. This is exactly what Brian is thinking and he has a hotel room waiting where she can take it all off.
  • Knowing that the midwife was due, Tim calls at Brookfield to check on the outcome. David gives him the gist of it, since Ruth is still not back. Jill returns first, with news that Daniel may have to take steroids long term.
  • A chance meeting outside the village shop allows Ruth to tell Tim herself, including the bit about the baby’s head. So not long now. Tim has finished for the day, even for the weekend, but Ruth observes that he seems to have visitors and she recognises the car as Brian’s.
  • On entering his own house, his wife’s guest offers Tim a glass of the wine he has brought back from Hungary. Plausible, but by the time Brian has gone, Tim has put two and two together and confronts Siobhán; after all the lies she is unable to tell one more. Brian Aldridge of all people! It is too much for Tim; he is going upstairs to pack.

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