Shula and Alistair are now both aquainted with Siobhán’s affair.

Radio Times: Tim needs a friend.

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  • Mike explains to David that he has become another hapless customer of Ed’s Vids; he is helping out with the milking at Brookfield until Ruth’s baby arrives but is looking for other work. On the phone, Betty has news of an ad in the Echo for a turf layer, working for an old mate of Mike’s, Carl – worth investigating!
  • Janet is at the hospital to support Shula, spiritually but also by bringing a food parcel from Jill. Tim also turns up to see how Daniel is getting on. Left alone with him, Janet turns down his invitation to lunch or even coffee.
  • It seems that Carl has won a contract to do all the turfing on a new estate and he needs someone reliable for six months. Mike is interested but he thinks he will drop the milk round; Betty is not keen to give up steady money. Think about it!
  • Alistair comes across Tim in The Bull and, commenting that he seemed subdued, learns the reason. Siobhán has said she is not seeing her lover any more but Tim doesn’t know whether to believe her. Even if the affair is over, where do they go from here?
  • Back at the hospital, when David has delivered cards from the kids, Alistair reflects on the strength of their own marriage; by which means, without breaking Tim’s confidence, he and Shula work out that they both know of the affair. Shula explains Janet’s position which she finds truly amazing, that Janet should put the happiness of others so far above her own, but such is her belief. Shula knows that she should not wish a marriage to fail but she would really like to see Tim and Janet end up together. Meanwhile all Alistair can do to help is be Tim’s friend and listen when needed.

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