Shula’s hopes are dashed: Daniel has not grown out of his arthritis.

Radio Times: Shula fears the worst.

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  • Shula is busy with matters equine when Jennifer calls to borrow a pasta making machine: she is giving a dinner party for Oliver and Caroline. They wants to discuss the Hungarian venture which is really going ahead, which is good because Jennifer has noticed that he has had a real spring in his step since the venture started! Alistair thinks that Daniel is looking rather flushed but they decide to follow Jennifer’s advice: wrap him up warm and send him off to school.
  • The work is proceeding at Ambridge Hall, although Lynda is doubtful if she will ever erase the memory of the sights and smells of last week. They had dinner with Jack and Peggy last night but Jack was yawning by 9pm; Lynda wonders if he is poorly?
  • Caroline is seeking stock for the Village Hall fund jumble sale but she is out of luck with Shula: they had a clearout when the moved. A phone call from school sends Shula off in a hurry: Daniel has a rash and a fever.
  • Robert is forced to work in the kitchen at Rickyard cottage which puts the cap on an awful day for Lynda. But it is about to get better: Coriander has sent flowers, Jean-Paul has sent a casserole and Robert has rented a video – from Ed’s Vids!
  • Caroline has turned up at Home Farm for dinner but there is no sign of Oliver yet; Brian is mending a puncture on the by-pass – apparently. Oliver is excited about the Hungarian venture and Jennifer feels that it consumes all of Brian’s waking hours.
  • Shula rings from the hospital to tell Alistair that Daniel has been admitted and they suspect it is his old trouble, systemic juvenile arthritis. Alistair will join her, meanwhile she should try not to let him see that she is upset.

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