Janet explains her sacrifice for the sake of Tim’s marriage but Siobhán continues to be a long way from matching it.

Radio Times: Siobhán needs comforting.

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  • Has David been to get the extra rolls of paper for the nursery? Bert doesn’t know; he is rather preoccupied with an urgent meeting at the vicarage which stands between him and a rabbit pie.
  • Eddie is doing brisk business with his video hire; Kathy is talked into two, one for herself and one for Jamie, although Eddie’s recommendation of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” could have been more tactful.
  • Siobhán is pleased to be interrupted in her work by a call from Brian. Life has been pretty awful for her and she begs him to come round.
  • Ruth calls to pick up jumble from Kathy and finds her rather upset; she knows that she shouldn’t mind about Sid and Jolene – but she does. She must get her life back, some of the time at least, and not be Jamie’s mum all of the time. Meanwhile, the children are supposed to be watching a fun video but judging by the sounds, it is not quite what was expected!
  • Brian is quick to confirm that Siobhán has not spoken to anyone. He has missed her more than he thought possible but he cannot stay: Tim will be back soon. Siobhán is not letting him slip away so easily and insists that they go somewhere.
  • Bert and Shula have answered the meeting call and Janet quickly delivers her ‘bolt from the blue’ about leaving Ambridge. Bert stays long enough to assure her that she will be missed but then the thought of rabbit pie lures him away. Which leaves Shula with the opportunity to get down to the real reason behind Janet’s decision. Janet explains that how she feels about Tim, that she only wants to hold him and make him feel better. Hence she must keep away. Shula understands and will be there if her friend, not just her priest, wants to talk further. Janet saves her tears until Shula has gone.
  • Kathy turns out not to be Eddie’s first disappointed customer; Tony had already returned a tape which he said was blank.
  • Siobhán explains that she and Tim have exchanged no more than a few words; they are avoiding each other. Brian keeps talking about making a move and making references to Tim but Siobhán is bent on taking his mind off both!

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