Janet decides that Tim and Siobhán’s marriage can be saved only if she is not around to muddy the waters.

Radio Times: Janet makes a difficult decision.

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  • Bridge Farm has a large rabbit warren, so Eddie and his newly acquired ferrets are very welcome visitors. Jack Woolley is apparently not best pleased that Keeper’s Cottage is now home to six ferrets but as Eddie puts it, either he works or Jack gets no rent. Eddie’s new video rental business has also gone down like a lead balloon with Jack – tough!
  • At The Bull Sid is worried about the fall in takings since Dross started practising upstairs; this has to be balanced against Jolene’s desire to encourage the band. Eddie and Tony are pleased with their morning’s work: best part of a dozen rabbits. Tony spots Jolene’s new engagement ring and wonders whether Kathy knows about it.
  • Janet is grateful that the Bishop was able to see her so soon. She comes straight to the point: she has decided that she ought to move.
  • When Kathy calls early to collect Jamie from The Bull, Sid wants a quick word but now is not the time as she is in a hurry; he should ring her later. What he wants to tell her will not wait, or she will hear it from someone else, so Sid chases her out to the car park. On hearing the news of his engagement to Jolene, Kathy offers her congratulations and wishes him all the best.
  • Janet thinks that she has become too cosy and needs a more challenging job; more challenging than being accepted as a woman priest and running four parishes! Bishop Cyril was not born yesterday: does she truly want to move – no. Then in whose best interests is it that she moves – Tim and Siobhán Hathaway. She thinks their marriage can be saved and she has done her best to help him through the troubles but her feelings for him keep getting in the way. It is not a sin to be tempted and Janet should accept that she is human. But if she is sure that she wants to move, she can be sure of the Bishop’s continued support; while he looks for a new parish, she should take only the church wardens into her confidence.

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