Janet is taking stock and needs to see the bishop.

Radio Times: Eddie’s got a new enterprise.

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  • It is the day of Pip’s ninth birthday party and Lynda has called with a present. She and Robert have settled in to Rickyard cottage while the Hall dries out. People have been so kind, they have dinner invitations for practically every evening.
  • After church, chat is mostly about the party but also the fact that Daniel is feeling better disposed towards school. Shula thought Janet looked a bit down.
  • The DJ is making the party go with a swing. There is always one child who seems bent on spoiling the fun and on this occasion his name is Simeon; right now he is climbing the stage curtains.
  • Joe and Lynda are clearing out the goat shed; it is not structurally damaged and the goats can now come back from Willow Farm. Over coffee laced with rum, Joe puts forward the view that Lynda now has the chance of a fresh start with the garden.
  • Simeon has got his cum-uppance from one of the other kids – lemonade over the head, presumably ex-bottle. Meanwhile in the kitchen the workers have champagne with their birthday cake.
  • Joe has been taking advantage of all the cars parked outside the church to distribute some leaflets for Eddie’s new venture. Not the rabbits, they are next; this time it is a video lending library for all the would-be customers disappointed by Jack Wooley’s unfulfilled promise. Janet is heading for a quiet evening but will bear it in mind. Lynda, who is about to treat Joe to a pint for all his help, gets some consoling words from Janet; thanks to Joe, Lynda has realised that it is no bad thing to take stock after such an event. This is food for thought for Janet, who needs to see the bishop asap.

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