Eddie buys two ferrets. Jolene breaks the news of her proposal to Fallon. Tim talks to Janet about his marriage troubles.

Radio Times: Tim confides in Janet.

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  • Fallon is looking for Ed, though Joe doesn’t know where he is. The goats are beginning to smell rather, so Joe and Eddie take them to Willow Farm until the Snell’s shed is fit to house them again. Eddie has acquired two ferrets to help with his latest scheme – the rabbit venture. Joe is over the moon and plans to keep them in his lean to – what Clarrie will think is another matter.
  • Janet drops something in to Tim at the surgery. After some smalltalk they arrange to have a coffee later. When they talk later Tim tells Janet about Siobhán’s affair. Janet appears shocked, and tries to suggest that they could possibly work things through. Tim is less hopeful, thinking that things may have gone too far to recover from.
  • Jolene is musing over having Perks as a surname. Fallon arrives and Jolene tells her about Sid’s proposal. They are interrupted by Eddie and Joe, though Fallons lack of response probably says it all! They talk again later and Fallon seems a little happier, much to Jolene’s relief.

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