The Snell’s continue the clean up operation; Sid proposes to Jolene, and she accepts.

Radio Times: It’s a Valentines Day to remember.

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  • Brian and Jennifer are back from Budapest, and telling Sid all about their trip. Jolene is looking forward to their date tonight – a country and western dinner dance. Sid comments to Jolene about the length and success of Brian and Jennifer’s marriage (a rather ironic statement in the as yet “unknown” circumstances!!).
  • Ruth is back from her visit to her parents. She berates David for his somewhat foolish bravery although they are both pleased to see each other. Brian arrives and is quite enthusiastic about the prospects for his Hungarian venture
  • Ruth visits Lynda at Ambridge Hall and empathises about the Snell’s situation. Lynda seems a little more hopeful about the recovery process.
  • Sid and Jolene are having a splendid time at their Valentines dinner dance. In a quiet moment Sid reflects on just how much they have going for themselves and what a successful partnership they make. He follows it up with a proposal for marriage, and Jolene………… accepts!!!

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