The Snells start the clear up process on their home; Siobhán tells Elizabeth a little of her troubles

Radio Times: The Snells face the damage.

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  • David manages to rescue the stranded Hereford, although not without getting thouroughly soaked and cold. Tony suggests they get back to Brookfield – and fast!
  • Robert and Lynda are looking at their waterlogged house. Lynda is very despondent as they go to spend the night with Shula at the stables.
  • Elizabeth comes across Siobhán on the village green. They talk about the damage sustained to the Snell’s house. They move onto other matters – Siobhán talks about her desperate situation, though does not go into detail. Elizabeth offers to be a shoulder to cry on, but does not press Siobhán to tell her any more than she wants to.
  • George and Robert look at the damage to Ambridge Hall in the morning light. Robert seems grimly hopeful about the insurance company helpint to sort things out. Lynda though, is terribly down, not being very able to see how they can possibly recover from this. David arrives with an offer of Rickyard cottage for the Snells to stay in until their house is fit to live in again.

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