The Snells get flooded out; David is in danger of being swept away, rescuing a cow.

Radio Times: David to the rescue.

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  • Ambridge is experiencing the heaviest and longest downpour for many years. Lynda and Robert are concerned about the level of the Am, and that their house is in danger of being flooded. When George phones Robert, he advises they get some sandbags and, with the help of Joe and Eddie, put them around their doors.
  • Mike is advising Tony on how to repair the soft top of his MG when David phones. He is stuck in Felpersham and is worried about the Herefords being stranded. Mike and Tony rush to the lower field to move the cattle, although the weather is so severe that they struggle to move all of them.
  • Back at Ambridge Hall things are going from bad to worse. Water is pouring into the house and the Snells, Eddie and Joe are trying to move important items (such as Robert’s wine collection) to aa safe place. Lynda suddenly remembers her goats, and she and Joe hurry to the shed to move them to the safety of Joe’s lean-to.
  • David finally arrives at the field where Mike and Tony are still trying to move the last of the herd. One of the cows is marooned, and David – despite pleas to the contrary from Mike and Tony – ties a rope around himself in order to rescue her. In so doing, he slips into the water. The question is, has he too been swept away?……

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