The Budapest trip continues to be a success, whilst Tim and Siobhán make no progress with their marriage troubles.

Radio Times: Siobhán tries to build bridges

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  • Caroline and Oliver are chatting at the start of a busy day in Budapest. Oliver is accompanying Brian on a farm visit whilst Caroline and Jenny are planning some sight-seeing. When Brian and Jenny arrive, Brian cynically suggests that the sight-seeing is more likely to turn into a shopping spree!
  • Back in Ambridge, things between Siobhán and Tim are very strained. Tim is vague and distant, and not at all responsive to Siobhán’s pleas for them to try to make a go of things. Later in the day things are just as bad. Tim is desperate to know who the person is with whom Siobhán has been having an affair. She refuses to tell him, though insists that she is trying to make things work.
  • The sight-seeing in Budapest does indeed turn into a shopping trip, with Caroline buying a coat and Jenny certainly interested in another rather expensive one. Both women carefully avoid talking about anything which could obliquely refer to Carolines affair with Brian years ago. When the foursome meet up later in the day for dinner they catch up on the day’s events. Brian talks shop, whilst Jenny tries to steer him towards the romantic side of their trip.
  • Tim arrives home soaking wet from a solitary walk. He still seems dazed and refuses to sit and talk with Siobhán. With absolutely nothing resolved, he goes to bed, alone.

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