The Hungarian party arrives in Budapest; Sid and Jolene make up with the prospect of a Valentines date.

Radio Times: A cosy foursome.

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  • David and Ruth are attempting to tie down a tarpaulin in the rain. Ruth has some last minute packing to do before setting off for her parents, whilst David is wondering whether the marketing conference he is planning to attend this week will really be worth it.
  • Brian and Jennifer are at the airport preparing to leave for Budapest. Oliver and Caroline arrive. Oliver and Brian talk about the farm visit tomorrow. Jennifer on the other hand is somewhat apprehensive about a whole day in Caroline’s exclusive company (no doubt something to do with the history between Brian and Caroline!). Once in Budapest and installed at the hotel, Oliver suggests a stroll around the city, though Jennifer declines, prefering to spend the time alone with Brian.
  • Jack is in the Bull reminiscing with Sid and Jolene about Princess Margaret’s visit to Grey Gables 18 years ago (nice to see a bit of topical reference creeping in!). Sid and Jolene discuss the new housing development planned in Ambridge. This quickly degenerates into an argument about Fallon, and Jolene storms off into the Ploughmans. Later on, Sid tries to smooth things over with considerable success. Sid suggests a valentines date, something at which Jolene seems delighted.

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