Siobhán’s time has come; Ruth is glad to be home but her thoughts are still in Prudhoe.

Radio Times: A slow start.

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  • Siobhán phones Elizabeth to let her know that the baby has started. The midwife has said wait a bit longer before going to hospital. Elizabeth will be there in fifteen minutes. Meanwhile Siobhán tries to let Brian now but can only leave a message.
  • David has met Ruth and Ben at the station – they’ve missed each other very much and she can’t wait to see Pip and Josh. She’s so glad they’ve got three kids as being the only one at a time like this is such a responsibility. Leaving her Mum alone was very hard to do – she and Solly had hardly spent a night apart in thirty years. But Heather’s a strong woman – if anyone can cope, she will.
  • The contractions are getting stronger and Siobhán has had a show – should she go in yet? She’ll feel more comfortable in hospital, she thinks. Elizabeth gathers the gear and off they go – but not before Siobhán tries Brian’s phone again with a heartfelt plea for him to be there. But it’s still on answer service.
  • Ruth and David are relaxing after putting the children to bed. They discuss what has happened while she has been away – Kenton offered to help but was easy to refuse! Apparently, says Ruth, he has been on at Usha again as a potential backer for his cyber café. Ruth’s mood though, is still reflective about her Dad and concerned for her Mum. Heather has given her a photo of them both as a young courting couple, and a snuffbox in which he kept mints. It was so much part of him, and now he’s gone.
  • Brian has just retrieved Siobhán’s messages as Jenny bursts in on him. He is so shocked that she suggests he should have a whisky to calm his nerves. Suddenly he pleads feeling unwell and decides to go out for a walk. Jenny is amazed – it’s 10.30 and freezing out there …
  • Midnight at the hospital and nothing much is happening. Siobhán can’t find a comfortable position, nor does she think she’ll sleep – too much on her mind. Has Brian got her messages? Might he even just walk in, or come in the morning? Whatever, she’s so glad to have Elizabeth with her, and Elizabeth is equally pleased to be there. Hopefully everything will go smoothly from now on …

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