Siobhán starts her treatment in Dublin and Brian worries in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Adam gets caught in the crossfire.

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  • Brian seeks Adam out: he needs some advice. He looks rough because he has not been sleeping. Jenny won’t talk. Siobhán starts her chemo today and he wishes he were there. She has got to get well; if she doesn’t he will really have to put Jenny through it. He wonders if she has said anything to Adam. Though he assumes that Adam’s loyalties are with his mother, Adam assures him that he has given up taking sides. She will talk when she is ready.
  • Tom and Brenda are off to their first Gourmet Grills outing of the season, a bit later than planned because Brian had dumped a job on him. He is worried that the opposition might be much cheaper – but they won’t be selling Hereford beef!
  • Adam has decided that The Bull is the safest place to have lunch, so he is probably not overjoyed to be joined by Brian. Lilian also appears, still high on New York and unrepentant about her holiday under false pretences. At least she has brought presents for Eddie.
  • Tom and Brenda have done so well that they ran out of sausages and Brenda had to make a dash back to base for some more. Tom got a bit harassed with the pressure and later earned a rebuke from Brenda because it puts the customers off and they are liable buy less. Tom really feels they are becoming known and there will be nothing but good days ahead. He takes a call from Adam, excusing Brian taking advantage earlier – he has a lot on his mind – and urging Tom not to take it personally.

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