Siobhán describes her treatment. Jennifer describes her pain.

Radio Times: Brian does his paternal duty.

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  • In the wee small hours Alice cannot sleep – too much late revising – so Brian finds her playing on the computer, a fantasy game; she suggest that he could dump them and create a new virtual family from scratch – if only she knew! He cannot sleep either and the explanation he gives is hunger. Over cheese on burnt toast, they discuss Alice’s gap year, her future and the future of the farm – nothing is fixed yet.
  • Adam has exercised Spearmint; he notices that his mother has been crying but she doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • Brian rings Siobhán and catches her dozing with a rather clingy Ruairidh; they will talk later.
  • Brian reports an email from Debbie; she has found a new potential contractor. Brian deflects Jennifer’s question about whether selling machinery is still the plan. Then his mobile rings. Jennifer knows who it is and cries on Adam’s shoulder. She explains about Brian’s paternity visits whenever he has been to Hungary. Siobhán had asked her to love Ruairidh too but she can’t and she feels guilty for rejecting a needy child. Adam suggests that she talks to Elizabeth.
  • Siobhán gives Brian an account of the treatment. Ruairidh played up the whole time she was away. It is a lovers’ conversation. She liked Brian’s beautiful flowers – bright and optimistic as he had ordered. She expects to keep her hair. Brian wishes he could be with her but she urges him not to make promises. She is on the right road, getting the treatment; now she has to give it chance to work.

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