Jennifer talks to Elizabeth; Brian yearns to go to Ireland.

Radio Times: Bert does some market research.

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  • David has something on his mind – Rickyard Cottage: it’s been empty since Sam left and they could make money out of it as a holiday cottage but still retain the freedom to put a farm-worker in there if the need arose. Ruth will see if Emma would do a spring-clean.
  • Lynda feels pleased that she has run into Jennifer but it’s about the last thing that Jennifer needs. The answer is going to be ‘no’ to pretty well anything Lynda asks; it’s the churchyard records.
  • David has given Bert a lift to Lower Loxley and has endured his guide patter on the way. David would have liked to borrow a trailer bike now but he must wait; they may be needed for paying customers before the May Day race. Jennifer arrives unannounced and Elizabeth groans just as Jennifer did earlier on meeting Lynda.
  • Elizabeth explains that Siobhán’s treatment is making her very tired and her mother is not coping well with Ruairidh; she is over 80. Her sister, Niamh is a successful career woman and they fell out badly when she took Tim’s side and blamed Siobhán over the marriage break up. She doesn’t approve of Ruairidh. All this cuts little ice with Jennifer.
  • Lynda has enlisted Bert to help with the churchyard records and willingly takes up his invitation to give a critique of his Lower Loxley patter. She is an awkward customer and he soon regrets asking – a proper ‘Saga lout’.
  • Brian has been steeling himself for the moment and cannot put it off any longer: he wants to go to Ireland. Jennifer will have none of it (not that that has ever stopped him before).

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